This is the sheet from the commission with the purses and officials for Ward vs. Kovalev. Kovalev purse will be listed as zero. His money is strictly a percentage of tickets and PPV revenue, ESPN reports:


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3Former IBF heavyweight champion of the world Charles Martin (24-1-1, 22 KOs) will be back in the ring on July 18. The name of his opponent will be announced later.

In his previous fight, which has been held on April 25, Charles Martin stopped journeyman Byron Polley in two rounds.

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3Former WBO cruiserweight champion of the world Johnny Nelson gave his prediction for this Saturday's rematch between Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward.

"Now Kovalev knows what he's capable of doing to Ward, I think he wins conclusively in this weekend's rematch.There will be more knockdowns in the second fight. Kovalev has already shown that he's strong enough to put Ward down. Kovalev will come for the knockout, but he'll have to settle for an emphatic points win." - said Johnny Nelson.

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Без перевода:

117 июня на ринге арены Mandalay Bay в Лас-Вегасе сойдутся в матче-реванше Сергей Ковалев и Андре Уорд. Этого боя с нетерпением ждут очень многие любители бокса, особенно учитывая то, как закончился первый бой – а закончился он весьма и весьма неоднозначно, ведь большинство не только фанов бокса, но и экспертов, считают, что судьи в том бою были благосклонны к Андре Уорду.  Правда, мнения фанов и экспертов расходятся в одном – если многие болельщики (в основном, фаны Ковалева или хейтеры Уорда) считают, что первый бой Ковалев выиграл вчистую, то подавляющее большинство экспертов не столь категоричны – многие из них тоже считают, что Ковалев выиграл первый бой, но с очень небольшим перевесом.

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3Former WBC cruiserweight champion of the world Tony Bellew on Andre Ward - Sergey Kovalev rematch:

"I think Kovalev will come looking for the stoppage, which is the only way he can win because he can't out-point Ward. If Kovalev hurts him, believe you me, he will not let Ward off the hook this time. Sergey Kovalev lost that fight more than Andre Ward won it. The opportunity was there for Kovalev and he did not jump on it.

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4British trainer David Coldwell shared his thoughts on Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev rematch:

"I think Ward will have adjusted for the rematch, because he's a very smart fighter. But we know what happens when Kovalev lands. If Kovalev can sustain that aggression a bit more, then Ward could be in trouble. But Ward is excellent at nullifying his opponent's strengths and will try to do that from the start this time.

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3Former super middleweight champion of the world Carl Forch on Andre Ward - Sergey Kovalev rematch:

"I'm expecting a similar sort of fight, although there should be more work from Kovalev, who will be trying to force victory this time. But Ward is difficult to beat, he's hard to hit. Kovalev did find a way to catch him and Ward will try to adjust from that, he's so clever.

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