3Former cruiserweight world title challenger Michael Hunter Jr. has no doubts that undisputed cruiserweight champion of the world Oleksandr Usyk would beat heavyweight king Anthony Joshua:

“I think he would beat Joshua, without a doubt. I think he would outbox him and beat him on points very easily I think, even in England. This guy has a lot of experience. Even though these guys are very big, we’re used to fighting big guys. People like Usyk, myself, probably there’s a handful of cruiserweights that are used to fighting those big guys and they know how to deal with them. He has experience. He had two or three hundred amateur fights. He’s fought all over the world, he’s fought in the Olympics, being in the big crowd is not going to be a problem for him and I think it would end up reversing on Anthony Joshua, the pressure would end up flipping on Anthony Joshua when they get in the ring,” Hunter said. “When they get in there, I think Usyk will know how to turn the crowd on him. [They’ll] boo, you know what I’m saying, because he’s not really hitting with big shots but he’s winning the rounds.” - Hunter told Boxing News Online.


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