3Dillian Whyte on his potential fight against Alexander Povetkin:

"David Price could have stopped him and should have stopped him. But you know David Price, one of his main problems is confidence, and that's what let him down I believe. It was a devastating knockout, he landed the right punches, but I think he was pretty basic and open. He looked old and he was tired and gassing. I didn't think he looked that good, but got the knockout.

We want Povetkin obviously. That's who we want. I feel after that fight with David Price as British fighters, we need to redeem ourselves. David Price showed a lot of holes in his game and I believe that I can knock him out.

He's a good fighter, a former Olympic gold medallist, a former world champion. He's only lost to Wladimir Klitschko, so that's a very, very attractive fight. A very, very good fight. That fight will get the public's juices flowing and get everyone going crazy".


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