3Adam Kownacki put up with a tough and aggressive challenger in Iago Kiladze for 6 rounds in a back-and-forth action-packed heavyweight battle before finally stopping Kiladze in round 6. Kownacki took a heavy right hook flush on the nose and began bleeding in round 1. Kiladze grew in confidence and began trading with Kownacki although showed little head movement and took too many unnecessary counter punches.

Kiladze used the ring to force Kownacki to chase him down in the second round in an attempt to slow down his opponent while getting off some heavy-handed body combinations.

By the end of the third round, Kownacki’s face resembled a war zone with a cut appearing near his right eye and blood running from his nose. Kiladze stepped off the pedal to force Kownacki to exert more energy chasing him down much to the anger of those in attendance.

Kownacki turned the fight around and knocked down Kiladze in round 4 with a sharp inside right hook. Kiladze got complacent and paid the price. Round 6 brought out a faded and fatigued Kiladze as he was unable to land anything meaningful and was being tagged by nearly every shot Kownacki threw. After an uppercut stunned him, Kownacki followed up with a sharp right hook again that floored Kiladze. The ringside doctor had seen enough and stopped the fight even though Kiladze beat the count. Official time of the stoppage was 2:48 in round 6. Adam Kownacki is now 17-0, 14 KOs while Iago Kiladze is 26-2, 18 KO.


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