3Tyson Fury still considers himself as the one and only real heavyweight champion of the world, he told RTE.

"All these men think they’re champions, I’m the real champion. I’m still the Ring Magazine champion so if they want to become champions, they have to beat me. I just want to prove how good I am, after two years out of the ring, I’m going to come back and box rings around this weight-lifter – easy fight really.

As soon as I’ve got a challenge, that’s when I can rise. Until then I don’t have any love for it, if you know what I mean. That’s why I feel out of love with the game. Now I’ve had two-years out of the ring, people are starting to think that this big weight-lifter can beat me. If people think he can beat me, that’s going to make me want to come back even more." - said Tyson Fury.


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